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☆ Micromotion switch and inside metal ball switch shields 
    UV light rays from User.

☆ The UV light kills Mites an Bacteria.  

☆ Ideal for People who are allergic.

☆ Provides overall protection against  Dust Mites, 
    Germs and Bacteria.

• Voltage: 220-240v~

• Power: 300w

• Air flow: >1.0m3/min

• Vacuum: 12~15kpa

• Dust bin capacity: 0.25L

• Noise level: 70~75dB

• Filter system: inlet hepa  filter

• UV light radiation intercity: 12000 µw/cm2 

• UV light wave length: 253.7nm

• UV light power: 4W

Package details:

Carton size: 30.5 x16 x 34cm

G/W: 1.8 kgs, N/W: 1.2 kgs

20’/40’/40HQ: 1650 /3450 /3970 unit
UV Bed Vacuum Cleaner
Model: SK-203
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Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner
Model: SK-300
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