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VC Accessories
Model. SK-PTB
Power tool Brush

With universal connector fitting
neck from 30mm to 38mm
Collect dust with VC at drill

Package detail:
1 piece with back colour cardboard
20 pieces per carton
Carton size: 35x34x30cm
Universal Vacuum Cleaner Bag

Fits all vacuum cleaners
SMS material
Size: 6 liters

Package detail:
1 pieces in a polybag with color insert and euro hanger
Inner carton: 26.5x24.5x18.5 / 36 sets
Export carton: 53x50x38 / 8 inner cartons
Model. SK-DMOP
Dusting Mop

Diameter 32mm

Package detail:
25 pieces per carton
G/W: 6.5 kgs, N/W: 5.5 kgs
Carton size: 56 x 36 x 31.5cm,
Model. SK-CTH
Computer Hose

Length: 63cm
Diameter: 30~36mm
Use to clean hard reach places
Suitable for most vacuum cleaners

Package detail:
1 piece with back color cardboard
50 pieces per carton
G.W.: 11.3Kg, N.W.: 10Kg
Carton size: 56x39x44cm
Model. SK-SKA
Shock Absorber

Used to reduce shock for washing
machine and refrigerator

Package detail:
4 piece in a box
50 pieces per carton
G.W.: 12.5Kg, N.W.: 11Kg
Carton size: 73x30x14cm
Model. SK-MTK
Micro tool kit to clean
        keyboards, cameras, etc

With various attachment
for hard clean placed

Package detail:
40pieces per carton
G.W.: 12KGS,N.W.:9KGS
Carton size: 52 x 51 x 47.5cm
Vacuum Storage bag

Shrinks storage up to 75%
Ultimate protection
Idel for bedding,sweaters,
seasonal clothes,travel

Size: S  50x86
       M 55x90
       L  90x126
Model. SK-CYC-L
Cyclone Separator
35mm, or 32mm (with adopter)

VC Accessories
UV Bed Vacuum Cleaner
Model: SK-203
High Efficiency Nozzle
Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner
Model: SK-300
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